General Information

Banking details

The Velabahleke High School Alumni is a body of former learners that seek to make a contribution back into the school that has made them who they have become in society and in the corporate world.

We make contribution in various ways according to our generousity and capability.

The Alumni is currently involved in the following programs:

  • Assisting Grade 12 with their university applications,
  • Sponsoring of Uniforms to those who are coming from needy families
  • Participating in the fomration of the Velabahleke High School Foundation.

The current chairperson of the Governing body is also a member of the schools alumni.

Banking details
Bank: Standard Bank
Acc NO: 051696320
Account Type: Cheque Account
Velabahleke appreciates the following companies, namely:
  • CHS development for sponsoring matric excellence awards.
  • Hollywood Betting Technologies for computer generation
  • X-foundations